13th Dec, 2016

Are You Listening?: Stakeholder Engagement

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Public comment. Community townhall. Customer satisfaction survey. Advisory council. Focus group. Stakeholder meeting. Employee talk back. ‘Coffee with the Chancellor’. Suggestion box. They go by many names, but all of these activities have a common intention at the core: Listening. Listening involves taking the time and effort to pause in [...]

19th Apr, 2016

#StayWoke: Environmental Scanning & Your Organization Strategy

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The Movement for Black Lives aims to achieve social and racial justice in the face of what many consider to be excessive policing in people of color communities and a lack of redress in incidents of police misconduct. The Movement has grown from protests in response to officer-involved shooting incidents [...]

1st Feb, 2016

Your Footprint

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Being a leader requires ingenuity, vision and courage! Summon the courage to blaze a new trail in February! What new footprints will you create this month? Please leave a comment below!