Urban Rising Group is a community development consultancy firm based in the Los Angeles Crenshaw District, which helps individuals and organizations cultivate healthy, prosperous and connected communities via strategy, planning, capacity-building and community engagement. We believe that individuals thrive most in communities that are rich with access to well-paying jobs, pedestrian-friendly streets connected to various modes of transit and to food and fitness options that promote health and well-being. Our firm is focused on collaborating with and nurturing leaders to steer positive change.

We believe in social justice and equity and the efficacy of groups of people — nonprofits, businesses and public agencies — to create solutions that address the need for quality services, amenities and tools for social mobility.

Put simply, we are champions who help you

Mission Graphic

in order to catalyze transformational change.



Urban Rising Group is led by the following values:

C — Courage to make difficult decisions and uphold accountability at all levels

H — Humility to always learn from and listen to our clients and other stakeholders

A — Ambition to achieve goals with excellence, efficiency and collaboration

M — Mindfulness for the marginalized and commitment to supporting their empowerment

P — Positive outlook and spirited embrace of the beautiful struggle for equity, opportunity and social transformation


Our Approach

The solutions we help our clients identify are framed within the West African nkyinkyim symbol incorporated into our organizational identity. Nkyinkyim (pronounced n-chin-chim) represents “twisting” or dynamism, versatility and initiative. In the increasingly competitive and hyper-connected 21st Century where economic and social disparities are deepening, nonprofit and business leaders must be innovative, flexible, collaborative and responsive to rapidly changing market dynamics. This requires forethought, proactive and data-based decision-making, while also keeping in mind the overall mission and values of the organization. We apply this thinking, along with an asset-based outlook that aims to identify and build upon the existing resources, knowledge and wealth of the individuals, organizations and communities we serve, in order to uncover and implement high-impact solutions.