3rd Mar, 2016

Defy Your Comfort Zone: March to New Heights!

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Are you accepting the status quo in your business or organization? What possibilities can you achieve if you challenge yourself and your team to push past your comfort zone? March is here, which means that spring is right around the corner. Do some organizational spring cleaning and position yourself to harness your [...]

9th Feb, 2016

Something Sweeter than Chocolate this V-Day: 3 Tips to Love Your Neighbor

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Larry the Cucumber & Bob the Tomato (Photo Credit: Veggietales.com) As mother of a toddler, my car isn't immune to the tyranny...er, delight, of children's music. Laurie Berkner? Yep! Putumayo African Lullabies? On deck! Last week, my daughter and I were bumping Veggie Tales, fun songs with a [...]

1st Feb, 2016

Your Footprint

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Being a leader requires ingenuity, vision and courage! Summon the courage to blaze a new trail in February! What new footprints will you create this month? Please leave a comment below!  

14th Jan, 2016

The Force: Is It Strong in Your Organization?

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Like the nation (and soon, the world), we’ve got Star Wars fever over here at URG! I haven’t seen the newest one just yet (so no spoilers in the comments!), but have binge-watched the classic episodes to get up-to-speed. Besides Darth Vader’s legendary asthmatic wheeze, much of the franchise’s lore is built around this concept of the “Force”. Obi Wan Kenobi speaks of it; galactic swashbuckler Han Solo questions it. But what is it? […]

1st Jan, 2016

Inspiration: Dreaming or Doing in 2016?

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Which type of person are you? Success as a leader of your own company or in a nonprofit organization requires strategy, action and diligence. in 2016, don't dream, do! Happy New Year!

21st Dec, 2015

Oh, Come All Ye Planners: Planner Shopping & Worksheet for You!

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It should be no secret that I love to plan. I earned a master’s degree in planning. I think in terms of logic models and grids. I even planned my daughter’s birth around the narrow window between two semesters (Ok, I can’t take all the credit for that one -- God [...]

16th Dec, 2015

20 Must-Have Business Tools & Bonus Tool from URG!

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Leaders need effective tools to get the job done, whether the job is charitable work or making sure your shelves are stocked for Black Friday. In the early stages of a business when capital is in supply, low- and no-cost tools are especially useful to manage your operations or capture all [...]

1st Dec, 2015

Entreprehumor: Day in the Life of an Entrepreneur

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Courtesy of Scotty Grandy (Instagram) Ah, the highs and lows of entrepreneurship! Leading your own enterprise comes with various challenges and opportunities and the need for a significant amount of mental fortitude! This picture sums it up perfectly! I've come across a few ways to steady the rollercoaster ever [...]

30th Nov, 2015

I Shopped Small. How About You?

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I was happy to purchase a professional development course from a woman-owned small business!! Which small businesses did you patronize? There are more opportunities to support small, local businesses every day! Let's renew our commitment to boosting the visibility and profit of small businesses!  

19th Nov, 2015

To My Fellow CEO Sisters: Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day!

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Entrepreneurship takes guts, discipline, and drive! For many women entrepreneurs worldwide, add to that the demands of a partner, children, overflowing laundry basket, crop-harvesting, grocery store run, lugging water, and oh yea, that small issue of the world being tilted toward men! Before we succumb to despair, James Brown gives [...]