19th Oct, 2015

Strategy in a Google Map

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"Be strategic"    "You have to have a plan"      "If you fail to plan, you plan to fail" Strategic Planning 101-Part One: I am sure you've heard these sayings and more related to strategic planning. I bet they've prompted you to wonder, why is so much emphasis placed on [...]

14th Sep, 2015

Insight on Innovation: Anakazis Planning for Success

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Anakazi Center, Lusaka Chapter The shade of a beautiful tree, a calm breeze, and the vibrant, melodic chatter of inspiring women business owners?! That’s my kind of afternoon! In August, I traveled to Lusaka, Zambia and had the privilege to lead a “Plan Your Success” workshop for women business owners for the Anakazi Center for Women’s Empowerment and Development, an organization URG supports. “Anakazi” is a Zambian term that means woman or sister. The workshop was a component of the Center’s passionate work to facilitate the economic and social empowerment of African women through business development and advocacy. […]

29th Jun, 2015

URG About Town: Young Entrepreneurs Take Flight!

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NFTE LAUL BizCamp, 2015  (Photo: NFTE Greater LA) Urban Rising Group’s summer got off to a great start with two of my faves: young people and entrepreneurship! In June, I had the unique privilege of serving as a mentor and judge for the Youth BizCamp sponsored by the L.A. Urban League Entrepreneurship Center and National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship Los Angeles. This program gathered pre-teens and teens for an intense bootcamp where they learned the fundamentals of business development from marketing and feasibility research to forecasting–in two weeks! […]

21st May, 2015

Champions’ Circle: Small Business Spotlight

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In commemoration of National Small Business Week, my heart and tummy had the good fortune to dine at Simply Wholesome. Simply Wholesome is a staple of the Windsor Hills community and is a go-to meeting spot for community movers and shakers, families and the health-conscious. I enjoyed my fave turkey [...]

7th May, 2015

Happy Small Business Week!

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About Town: National Small Business Week To all of the small business owners who create jobs for your neighbors, financial well-being for your families and increase the availability of quality amenities in our communities: Happy Small Business Week! Establishing and running a small business requires huge heaps of courage, discipline and [...]

6th May, 2015

Innovation Insight: Long Beach Residents Pull the Purse Strings Toward a Better Community!

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Urban Rising Group Supports Participatory Budgeting in City of Long Beach District 9 Participants listening to presentation from break-out session What happens when civic engagement and a forward-thinking elected official combine? Participatory budgeting! Participatory budgeting (PB) is an emerging governance paradigm that places the ‘electorate’ in the driver’s seat of [...]

6th Apr, 2015

Spring Forward!

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Hibernation is a covert preparation for a more overt action. ~~Ralph Ellison, Novelist, Literary Critic and Scholar   Here at Urban Rising Group, we have been undergoing a hibernation period to ensure we provide clients and colleagues with the most useful services and information--and an energized leader! Pausing to reflect [...]

10th Nov, 2014

Women Business Owners, Powerful Night!

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Since the weather has been warmer (though it’s November!), I thought I’d take the opportunity to reflect on an event that Urban Rising Group co-sponsored and I attended in August. I am a pro bono consultant and member of the Anakazi Center for Women Empowerment and Development (Anakazi Center) an organization which focuses [...]

12th Aug, 2014

Cheerful Greetings!

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(Photo Credit: Homeboyindustries.org) Thank you for visiting! We, here at Urban Rising Group, are excited about upcoming developments and partnering with you to offer our services and tools. Please check back for more information on our launch! In the meantime, chew on this and and focus on the [...]