1st Jan, 2016

Inspiration: Dreaming or Doing in 2016?

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Which type of person are you? Success as a leader of your own company or in a nonprofit organization requires strategy, action and diligence. in 2016, don't dream, do! Happy New Year!

21st Dec, 2015

Oh, Come All Ye Planners: Planner Shopping & Worksheet for You!

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It should be no secret that I love to plan. I earned a master’s degree in planning. I think in terms of logic models and grids. I even planned my daughter’s birth around the narrow window between two semesters (Ok, I can’t take all the credit for that one -- God [...]

16th Dec, 2015

20 Must-Have Business Tools & Bonus Tool from URG!

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Leaders need effective tools to get the job done, whether the job is charitable work or making sure your shelves are stocked for Black Friday. In the early stages of a business when capital is in supply, low- and no-cost tools are especially useful to manage your operations or capture all [...]

17th Nov, 2015

“Street” Cred: Lessons in Longevity from Elmo and Friends

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I have a two-year old daughter. You know what that means: Overwhelming cuteness balanced with wanting white foods exclusively on most days, potty training and a litany of nos. Along with this, I also have the delight of reliving my childhood experiences with fresh eyes, as my sweet girl learns and explores life for the first time. My daughter has recently taken to Sesame Street and what a Pandora’s Box of emotion her newfound interest has opened for me! For many, myself included, Sesame Street connotes many wonderful memories and feelings — joy, happiness, curiosity, love of learning and of course, ABCs and 123s. […]