13th Dec, 2016

Are You Listening?: Stakeholder Engagement

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Public comment. Community townhall. Customer satisfaction survey. Advisory council. Focus group. Stakeholder meeting. Employee talk back. ‘Coffee with the Chancellor’. Suggestion box. They go by many names, but all of these activities have a common intention at the core: Listening. Listening involves taking the time and effort to pause in [...]

27th May, 2016

Are You Consistent?

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  Consistent action is what separates champions from also-rans. To accomplish any goal you must discipline yourself to take deliberate and strategic action daily.    

11th May, 2016

A Legacy of Business & Impact: Walker’s Legacy Day for National Small Business Week!

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On Thursday, May 5th, I had the privilege of being a featured speaker at Walker’s Legacy Day, an event commemorating National Small Business Week (May 2-7). Walker’s Legacy is a global women in business collective founded to establish networks of empowerment and access for women of color in business. The organization is named in honor of legendary African-American female entrepreneur and first woman self-made millionaire, Madam C.J. Walker. […]

9th May, 2016

In Favor of Fearlessness

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As an entrepreneur and leader, I've chosen to kick fear to the curb. Is it easy? No. Is it essential? Absolutely! What heights can you achieve if you choose to push past fear and embrace your destiny or live your passion?!  Take a cue from accomplished author, executive and singing [...]

19th Apr, 2016

#StayWoke: Environmental Scanning & Your Organization Strategy

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The Movement for Black Lives aims to achieve social and racial justice in the face of what many consider to be excessive policing in people of color communities and a lack of redress in incidents of police misconduct. The Movement has grown from protests in response to officer-involved shooting incidents [...]

1st Apr, 2016

Glass Half-Full: Asset-Based Inspiration

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Sometimes individual or organizational challenges can make us feel like we do not have enough resources to accomplish what we intend to. During these moments, you can overlook the relationships, resources and possibilities at your fingertips. As we enter the second quarter of 2016, I challenge you to adopt an [...]

3rd Mar, 2016

Defy Your Comfort Zone: March to New Heights!

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Are you accepting the status quo in your business or organization? What possibilities can you achieve if you challenge yourself and your team to push past your comfort zone? March is here, which means that spring is right around the corner. Do some organizational spring cleaning and position yourself to harness your [...]

9th Feb, 2016

Something Sweeter than Chocolate this V-Day: 3 Tips to Love Your Neighbor

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Larry the Cucumber & Bob the Tomato (Photo Credit: Veggietales.com) As mother of a toddler, my car isn't immune to the tyranny...er, delight, of children's music. Laurie Berkner? Yep! Putumayo African Lullabies? On deck! Last week, my daughter and I were bumping Veggie Tales, fun songs with a [...]

1st Feb, 2016

Your Footprint

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Being a leader requires ingenuity, vision and courage! Summon the courage to blaze a new trail in February! What new footprints will you create this month? Please leave a comment below!  

14th Jan, 2016

The Force: Is It Strong in Your Organization?

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Like the nation (and soon, the world), we’ve got Star Wars fever over here at URG! I haven’t seen the newest one just yet (so no spoilers in the comments!), but have binge-watched the classic episodes to get up-to-speed. Besides Darth Vader’s legendary asthmatic wheeze, much of the franchise’s lore is built around this concept of the “Force”. Obi Wan Kenobi speaks of it; galactic swashbuckler Han Solo questions it. But what is it? […]