In the spirit of our guiding principle, Nkyinkyim, (meaning dynamism, versatility and initiative), your Champ Team makes a concerted effort to constantly learn, grow, connect and laugh! The following is a selection of the books, podcasts, publications and resources that keep our impact toolbox full, minds stimulated, and souls elevated.

skylineUrban planning, community development/affairs and local planning issues

BooksDeveloping a Success and Growth Mindset & Positive Psychology

Mixed Bag of Interesting People, Current Events, Forays Off the Beaten Path

  • NPR – We are major public radio nerds! She loves most shows on NPR and KPCC with some of the prominent faves being:
    • Fresh Air — Incredible interviews with interesting artists, entertainers and authors
    • Air Talk
    • Take Two
    • The Frame
    • Code Switch — listen to this! Thought-provoking, inciting and insightful discussions about social, political, and familial dynamics related to race, ethnicity and identity.

Check back for additions!

*This listing is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute an endorsement for the claims and representations made by the authors.